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Mastering the art of business survival

Mastering the art of business survival

Alushe Events Consultancy, a company that manages corporate functions, wedding, kiddies parties, like any business in the country this year, has not dodged the bullet, that of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Founder and owner, Aina Itta recently said due to the various restrictions and numerous lockdowns, her business was gravely affected.

In an attempt to save her business Aina hosted webinars and other online events, which did not falter as the pandemic spread throughout the country and the world.

“I was down and out, I just did not know where to go or what to do, but eventually I realised that right now is the time to plant the seed for short, medium and long-term resilience and that it is never to late to make and find solutions to a problem,” she explained.

She explained that resilience requires entrepreneurs to engage in somewhat contradictory activities, which are bouncing back from the collapse of markets, the breaking of supply chains and the depletion of workforce capacity.

“It is also important to learn how to leap forward into markets, supply chains and talent markets where the rules for survival and success are unclear and changing,” she added.

During the Olafika training Aina learnt the five key pillars that together form resilience and has mastered, business innovation and financial thinking. She also confirmed that she had never drafted a business plan, but now because she has a personal mentor, she is able to raise concerns with her account and discuss finances more maturely.

Aina also realised from a SWOT (Strengthens, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis that it was not just the events management skills that she is good at, but she had the ability to decorate and set up an event. “Now I also do home and gardening décor, I do it everyday, in top executives houses, which sustains me and to think that this part of the business had ever occurred to me,” emphasised Aina.

According to Aina resilience is a team sport, it requires one to fortify an entire network of relationship. “You must take into account all stakeholders, from customers and suppliers to your community and now I have mastered the new art of business survival,” she concluded.


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