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Women urged to advocate for safer roads

Women urged to advocate for safer roads

The Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund has urged women from all walks of life to recognise the critical role they play in pushing the agenda for safer roads to reduce the loss of lives.

Rosalia Martins-Hausiku, Chief Executive of the Fund said this at the 2nd annual Women in Road Safety Conference and Expo held in mid-September at Mariental, under the theme ‘Women Influence for Safe Roads’.

Martins-Hausiku said women should find their voice and advocate for safer roads, for the safety and protection of their families and communities and minimise the impact of road crashes on the national economy.

“I urge every woman in our country, to initiate road safety activities and champion road safety at community, corporate and regional levels as well as relevant stakeholders to establish terms of reference for such championships,” she added.

She also challenged every woman in leadership or position of influence to advocate for road safety at home, community and the workplace to embrace the role that they should play in the interest of saving lives on the roads.

Esme Isaack, Governor of Hardap Region acknowledged the increased interest and involvement by women in Namibia through stepping up the challenge as lead advocates for road safety in SADC as ‘when you educate mothers and women, you have reached and empowered a nation’.

“Thank you to the Fund for cementing strategic relations which will see the opening of an Emergency Medical Rescue Services (EMRS) Base and the establishment of the Children Traffic Play Park in Mariental in due course,” she emphasised.

Christine //Hoebes, Deputy Minister of International Relations said on behalf of the works minister, John Mutorwa, said that road safety is a collective responsibility.

“Our national development plans strive to improve the livelihood of our citizens, which can only be achieved when all actors in the road safety fraternity including the public and private sectors join government in addressing our shortfalls,” she added.

The Conference was attended by over 100 participants from various regional governors, local government representatives, law enforcement agencies, representatives from the Road Accident Fund South Africa, MVA Fund Botswana as well as representatives from the legal and business fraternity, held in partnership with Automobile Association of Namibia.

In addition, the Conference included various presentation on topic namely, the state of road safety in Namibia in line with the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, strengthening of political sponsorship towards 50% reduction by 2030, strengthening of the legal framework in support of road safety, impact of human, vehicle and road factors on road safety, law enforcement with consequences drives positive road user behaviour, regional perspectives on women driving the road safety agenda and a testimonial by a road crash survivor.

Resolutions endorsed at the Conference will be actioned by relevant stakeholders, while the 2020 Women in Road Safety Conference will be hosted in the Erongo Region.


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