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The annual OTB Xtrail kicks off

This year’s annual OTB Xtrail will take place on 4 August at Heja Lodge Game Farm, east of Windhoek.
OTB Sport, sponsor and race organisers, expect well over 300 participants -Asimilar field to last year’s event. Participants can choose between an 8.6km Lite or 12.2km Enduro Event. The route is a combination of jeep, cattle paths and no paths. The Enduro has a 310m gain in elevation and there will be a section named The Spine -a sharp decent on very loose stones where participants are asked to be cautious.The Spine is followed by a sharp climb.
Organisers had this to say “The Enduro route is tough but very doable.It offers great views over the mountains around Windhoek and of the city itself. Nothing quite beats trail running.When the going gets tough, participants should ease off the accelerator and take some time to admire the scenery. Race the hills and straights but not the steep descents.’’
One of the organisers also said that for those who just want to enjoy the scenery while getting a good cardio work out, there is also a walk option on the Enduro.
OTB sport conclusively thanked their technical sponsor PUMA and OCNAM for their assistance in making the 2013 event possible.

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