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Communal Land Reform

MCA Nammibia CEO Penny Akwenye (centre) and Hon. Alpheus !Naruseb, Minister of Lands and Resettlement (right), launching the communal land reform material with representatives of Traditional Authorities in the Northern Communal Areas. The 70,000 colour brochures, comics, posters, banners, videos and booklets are aimed at helping people to understand Namibia’s complex land rights, policies and registration procedures. The information is published in six local languages and specifically addresses traditional authorities, landholders, women and vulnerable groups.
Akwenye emphasised that the information material “will have an impact on the perception and understanding of land rights and what is right for the common good.” !Naruseb added that it will play a “significant role in empowering our communities at the village level.”
Under its Agriculture project, MCA Namibia has availed approximately N$80 million to support the implementation of the Communal Land Reform Act 5 of 2002.

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