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Kordom aspires to inspire through sport and education

Kordom aspires to inspire through sport and education

NFA — A proud product of the NFA Galz & Goals project before graduating to junior national teams, Annouscka Kordom recently ticked off one of her goals, obtaining her degree in Sports and Marketing Management at the Corban University, in the United States of America, where she has been studying for the past four years.

“I hope [young girls] take this as encouragement, I hope this motivates and empowers them. That, for me would be the greatest thing that comes out of this. This achievement proves that you can play football and do well in school. I also hope one of the biggest takeaways for young girls is that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to,” the 22-year-old Kordom said.

The skillful Brave Gladiators’ midfielder, who plays for Corban University’s women football club, Corban Warriors, said she had to find a way to juggle education and sport because to her the two were equally important, most especially so because it is through football that she got her scholarship.

“I made a goal to put equal effort into both. Time management is key so having a schedule always worked in my favour. On top of practice hours and game time, I made sure to always make time for school. Having a mentor is also beneficial. You need someone to hold you accountable and to push you.” Kordom explained.

Raised by a single mother, she says things weren’t always easy for them, something that also worked as motivation for her to take any given opportunity and recreate it to her advantage. She added that her late teammate, Alberta “Chicken” Dawes contributed greatly to her character building, as she was fearless and bold.

“She was never one to shy away from a challenge. She gave her all in everything she did. Whenever things get tough and I feel like giving up, I think about her and what she would do. She made a huge impact on my life and I feel one way I can honour her, is having a “Never Give Up” mentality. I love and miss her dearly,” an emotional Kordom added.

Dawes, who was a confident and determined player sadly passed on in 2015, however she lives on in the memories of her loved ones.

Asked what her plans are from now moving forward, Kordom revealed that though she has a couple of options she can not go into more detail now but with the guidance of her family, she will weigh her options and eventually make a decision.

The excited graduate who is big on following her heart encouraged fellow women not only to do what makes them happy but also take decisions that will benefit them in the long run.


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