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Breast Milk Bank urges more mothers to donate milk

Breast Milk Bank urges more mothers to donate milk

The Namibia Breast Milk Bank (NBMB) recently said that the milk supply remains a major challenge for them and more mothers are needed to register as supplying donors of breast milk for the growing number of registered babies.

According to the Coordinator of NBMN, Sister Brigit Mayer since they started operating more they have fed more than 100 babies, but they simply do not have enough breast milk donors.

“Although we have a few regular donors, we are in need of more mothers to contribute to the success of the bank, therefore we need more breast milk, and we are truly grateful for those mothers that have supported us since the inception of the bank,” she emphasised.

She highlighted how they have contributed to the overall well being of all beneficiaries (babies), thus investing in Namibia as they are the future leaders.

“We are happy with the current progress, but there is still room for improvement,, we need more working space, but we are great-full that the public response has improved since the, more mothers have come forward to donate their extra supply of milk and more people are now aware of the bank and its purpose,” she added.

Olthaver & List (O&L) Group Manager for Corporate Communications, Roux-ché Locke said they are passionate about their relationship with the NBMB that plays a significant role in building a healthy nation. “We assist the milk bank with operational administrative costs and humbly call on other corporate to reach out to the bank and contribute to its success, so that we can ensure that our babies and future leaders are taken care of in their most vulnerable form,” she urged.


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