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Employing augmented reality to gain customer insight

Employing augmented reality to gain customer insight

By Jacquiline Pack; Executive Officer Marketing and Corporate Communication Services at Bank Windhoek.

The growing use of alternative methods to reach and communicate with customers cannot be ignored. The rise in the use of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR)have become tools that not only engages customers in a new creative form, but also assist marketers to better understand their target audience’s changing needs and behaviour.

To put the above in practice, Bank Windhoek recently launched its unique Selekt Gold Offering, aimed at customers who earn N$15000 or more per month. What made the launch exciting was the introduction of a completely new customer touchpoint that enables them to interact with our brand at their convenience.

The introduction of the Zappar app to our customers has enabled us to integrate and explore AR as a tool to enhance our total channel exposure, distribution and reach.

AR is the technology to overlay information, such as sounds, images and text, on the world we see.

We are continuously exploring new innovative ways to engage with our customers in any environment they find themselves in. We want to be seen as a brand that does not impose, but rather meet and let customers opt in to the engagement approach they prefer. This is what the customer demands and will be the future going forward.

Bank Windhoek’s Zappar app has sparked huge interest within both prospective and current customers who were able to easily navigate and access our brochure with product content as well as view the product video. The view is three dimensional, which allows for a unique experience and we also included hyperlinks to our website where customers can complete online applications. This will be channelled through to the branch of their choice.

Bank Windhoek has also been able to gain data, which will in future provide the Bank with customer insights such as what times our customers engage with our brand and what content is relevant. We believe that we need to be innovative as we serve a diverse group of customers. It is critical for marketers to remain relevant in catering to customer’s needs. We are positive that this customer touchpoint will meet our customers’ needs, cementing Bank Windhoek as a top Namibian brand.