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Telecom Namibia employees receive 4% wage increment

Telecom Namibia employees receive 4% wage increment

Telecom Namibia (TN) employees received a 4% increment across the board following  successful negotiations and inking of a one year wage agreement between the firm and the Namibia Public Workers Union (NAPWU).

Acting Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Namibia, Armando Perny said the agreement reached between NAPWU and them is by far the most effective and fruitful, as it was concluded on mutual understanding, respect and trust.

“During the negotiations the parties considered the interest of the company as well as that of the employees and the fundamental issue is that everyone is affected by the current inflation and economic depression and we continuously strive to ensure that employees will be able to maintain their lifestyles and that of their families,” he added.

Perny highlighted that they will continue to operate in a transparent manner. “We are at the dawn of our new financial year and we have agreed on the 2020 annual operating plan that we need to deliver,” he added.

Samuel !Oe-Amseb, Branch Executive Committee (BEC) National Chairperson said TN has become a home away from home for all its employees. “The journey has not been easy and there are many contributing factors when negotiation for salary increments, but based on the reality at hand, we can conclude that both parties have entrusted each other to deliver on their promises in order to elevate TN to greater heights,” he explained.

Matheus Ndeshikey, Executive Personal Assistant to the General Secretary, NAPWU, further said both parties have settled and committed us to regulate industrial relations and dynamics sustaining equitable relationships between themselves.

He urged all members of staff to join forces in achieving the organisational deliverables and to successfully execute key operational plants, which will ensure that Telecom maintains its market shares in the industry.

Caption: (l-r), Holger Sircoulomb, Chief Human Resources Officer at Telecom Namibia, Matheus Ndeshikey, Executive Personal Assistant to the General Secretary at NAPWU, Armando Perny, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Telecom Namibia and Samuel !Oe-Amseb, Branch Executive Committee (BEC) National Chairperson.


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