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Agra invests in its staff

Arnold Klein, Agra’s General Manager: Retail and Wholesale took to improve Agra’s customer service across the whole range of Agra’s retail and wholesale business by engaging Ena Göttert of the Institute of Retail and Business Training to offer Agra employees a detailed customer service programme which contributed much more to their lives than just knowledge and skills.

Forty three Agra staff members from the Agra retail branches, Safari Den, Rosenthal and Auas Vet Med successfully completed the programme. In the picture is Tobie Barlow (left), Agra’s retail operations manager with the best performers. Back: Talanie Vermeulen; Chris Zegner, Edna Blaauw; El-Rico Cloete; Marlon Philander; Danwill Morkel; Barend Geldenhuys. Front: Anchen Cloete; Ricardo van Wyk; Maryna Klukowski; Magrieta Bekeur.

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