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Dare to Care receives more funding to help drought-stricken farmers

Dare to Care receives more funding to help drought-stricken farmers

Ombaye Fishing joined the ranks of those commercial enterprises concerned about the financial impact of the drought on farmers. The fishing company made a contribution of N$100,000 to the Dare to Care fund, administrated by the Namibia Agricultural Union and the Namibia Emerging Commercial Farmers Union.

At a ceremony last week Friday, Ombaye Fishing’s Chairman, Libolly Haufiku, accompanied by the Managing Director, Lukas Uutoni, presented the President of the Namibia Emerging Commercial Farmers Union, Dr Ndahafa Nghifindaka with the very substantial donation for the Dare to Care fund.

The Dare to Care fund is supported by numerous large enterprises and banks. It subsidises the cost of fodder by 20% to enable farmers to improve the condition of their marketable animals so that these can go to market sooner and in a better condition. This improves the farmer’s cashflow, a key consideration to help farmers get through the drought.

Dr Nghifindaka thanked Ombaye Fishing for its contribution and expressed the hope that even more companies would follow suit to assist drought-stricken farmers.

A subsidy of N$50 per bag of rounding-off fodder applies to every bag bought by commercial as well as communal farmers from designated suppliers such as Agra and Kaap Agri.

Haufiku said Ombaye Fishing has a track record of generosity for good causes, adding that they are happy to help since they view agriculture as the backbone of the country. Uutoni echoed this sentiment, saying “It’s our country and together we have to fix it ourselves.”

Ombaye is an indigenous name for Walvis Bay from where the company operates.

A significant shortfall still exists to reach the Dare to Care target of N$10 million. The two farmers unions jointly administer the fund which is independently audited to ensure transparency.

Caption: Appreciating another contribution to the Dare to Care drought relief fund, from the left, Danie van Vuuren of the Namibia Agricultural Union, Libolly Haufiku, Executive Chairman o f Ombaye Fishing, Lukas Uutoni, the company’s Managing Director and Dr Ndahafa Nghifindaka, the President of the Namibia Emerging Commercial Farmers Union.


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