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Swakara earns N$40 million in forex

A model shows a jacket made from SwakaralSwakara once again achieved record prices at an auction held on 21 April  in Copenhagen, Denmark
The highest-ever price paid for pelts was achieved when 94 O Light Selected Extra pelts were sold for a price of N$2 279.48 per pelt by Mr. Bourtsos of Siatista Greece.
All 62 403 swakara pelts offered by Agra on this auction were sold. Average prices were 22.11% higher than those achieved at the September 2011 auction. The average price per pelt increased to N$648.51 compared to N$531.08 in  September last year  
The pelt offer consisted of 49 554 black, 11 842 white, 206 brown and 801 diverse pelts.
White swakara achieved the highest price ever of N$2 348.55 for a lot of 56 KF Selected white pelts, bought by Ms Ribak for her Russian client company Guligaz of Moscow. The average price for white swakara increased with 26% compared to September 2011.
Mr. Bourtsos was again the buyer purchasing the highest number of swakara pelts, at  18 289 pelts. He was also the buyer purchasing the highest number of swakara in September 2011, when he bought 8 745 pelts.
Greece was the country buying the most swakara pelts, mainly for the Russian market, with Germany in second place and Hong Kong third. In total there were 27 buyers, with more prospective buyers bidding but not being successful.  
The top Namibian producer for this auction, (more than 250 pelts), was again Lovedale Farming CC at Keetmanshoop, who sold 438 pelts at an average of N$894.06 per pelt.

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