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Effective water treatment for small rural schools regardless how many learners there are

Effective water treatment for small rural schools regardless how many learners there are

The small primary school at Aris near Windhoek recently inaugurated its new trickling water filter to recycle and purify part of the school’s waste water. The intention is that this semi-purified water will be utilised for irrigating the school’s garden and homegrown vegetables.

The construction and installation of the trickling plant come courtesy of Aqua Services & Engineering, a local provider of water and waste water treatment solutions. Aqua Services, now flying under the banner of the large international Veolia group, said the semi-purified water enables the school to grow its own crops and to greatly reduced the amount of waste water that flowed into a french drain and was lost.

Aqua Services with the backing of its parent, said its technical abilities allow it to service Namibia’s rapidly urbanising population at any point in the country. The installation at Aris Primary School serves as a showcase for what the company can do at even the smallest of remote settlements.

“As a Veolia Water Technology company, Aqua Services is set to promote Veolia’s ambitions for its Africa strategy to meet the needs of a rapidly growing urbanising and industrialising Africa. Aqua Services as the Namibian Veolia company will answer to all the requirements for highly efficient, robust, low-footprint water and waste water treatment infrastructure developments.”


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