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Indonesians in Namibia cast general elections votes

Indonesians in Namibia cast general elections votes

Indonesia’s General Elections for overseas voters were successfully held in Namibia through Mobile Ballot Boxes method and Polling Station method, the Embassy in Windhoek announced this week.

The elections were held in Walvis Bay, in 12 April where 32 Indonesian voters cast their vote through Mobile Ballot Boxes and in Windhoek, on 14 April and 38 voters cast their vote, the Indonesian Embassy said in a statement.

“There are more than 192 million registered voters that 2 million are living abroad. Thus, to facilitate the overseas voters, Indonesian General Elections Commission established Indonesian Overseas Election Committee in 130 Indonesian Diplomatic/Consular missions abroad,” the Embassy said.

For the first time in history, Indonesia is holding simultaneously its Presidential and Legislative elections at the same time and overseas voters had an opportunity to cast votes between 8 April to 14, earlier than the main election event in Indonesia which is on 17 April.


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