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Discipline players and fans – Ekandjo

The MTC Premiership still has some way to go in order to become a perfect football product. However, administrators of the Namibia Premier League (NPL) need to be commended for taking the necessary measures to put it among the best on the continent, both in terms of quality on the field and administration, says Tim Ekandjo, MTC’s chief human capital and corporate affairs officer.
MTC is the main and only sponsor of the Namibia Premier League, with the current sponsorship totalling N$10.6 million for the 2011/12 football season.
The MTC Premiership has concluded its first leg on time with a total of 66 matches played.
Ekandjo is happy that unlike in previous seasons, the first leg of the season has not been held back by disciplinary delays.
“The timely conclusion of the first leg gives one the assurance that the administrators are on top of their game and we can only wish that they continue that trend going into the second and ultimate leg of the season,” he said.
According to Ekandjo, the issue of crowd discipline would need to be at the top of the agenda in order  to ensure that the game of football is not put into disrepute by rowdy fans and spectators. He also called upon clubs to inculcate a spirit of good behaviour and discipline in their players and supporters.
“If we can sort that out, then we will be much closer to having a very professional league that we can fearlessly match with those in other parts of our continent. But for now, there is a bit of work to be done but we are confident that the football administrators are on course. Wherever necessary, we as MTC shall not shy away from lending our experience to ensure that the league is concluded smoothly. All the best to all the teams and players during this festive season. May they come back very rejuvenated and energised,” said Ekandjo.

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