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AI developer grabs top accolade at Africa Tech Week

AI developer grabs top accolade at Africa Tech Week

Cape Town – A South African developer of Artificial Intelligence software and solutions, Dr Jacques Ludik, has just received a premium accolade at the Africa Tech Week for his dedication to data science innovation.

Dr Ludik is the founder of Cortex Logic, a company that continues its founder’s 25 years’ work in AI ecosystems and data science. Ludik was formally a founder of Bennit AI, Mosaic, SynerG and CSense Systems, the latter being Africa’s first AI company sold to General Electric in 2011. He has published a wide range of both academic and industry papers. He is also a big support of the role of AI to improve the lives of ordinary people at social level.

Cortex Logic is an African Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and solutions company that helps businesses thrive in the Smart Technology Era.

Upon receiving his award, Dr Ludik said “It’s such an honor to receive any award and this one is special because it comes at a time when AI is moving beyond the hype and into the realm of real world application both in enterprise and society in general.”

“My current focus is two-fold; at Cortex Logic we are now building a series of products and platforms embracing all aspects of Artificial Intelligence to help businesses solve complex business problems using the power of machine learning, deep learning, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data & Analytics.”

“At the Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa we are building a community to leverage AI for social good, education and transformative change in the wider African society. It’s been a passion of mine for many years and there has never been a better time for young engineers, entrepreneurs, business and governments to begin their journey into the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

“Every sector of society and commerce will be impacted by AI and I can not wait to see what the future holds. However, we have some key challenges to solve around ethics and the impact AI will have on society so it’s imperative that we all begin to focus on this debate and how this smart technology era will be leveraged for positive change, growth and benefit for all,” concluded Dr Ludik.


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