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More than just ‘body goals’ – kick start your fitness journey with Divas fitness

More than just ‘body goals’ – kick start your fitness journey with Divas fitness

Divas fitness, brainchild of 30 year old Liezel Ndjaronguru is a health and fitness centre which is set to change the way women see themselves.

According to the youthful Liezel, it is the ultimate new and unconventional way for women to gain the ultimate body, and change their perception of life.

Diva fitness approach to exercise, promises women tansformative experience that will change the way women see themselves both inside and outside by bringing in elements of emotional, as well as psychological wellness, she said.

“It is more than just body goals, it is mind, soul and body. It is abut finding the balance as women. It’s about gaining the confidence with our self-image, and most importantly about women empowering women. It doesn’t help to just dream it, it is time to work towards it and actually live it,” she added.

Liezel, who was raised by her grandmother in Khomasdal has always been inspired by her upbringing, which she said is what makes her passionate about women empowerment, fitness and health. Her grandmother, who she describes as a strong and hardworking woman with a big heart, has played a huge role in her life.

“I have worked in the health and fitness industry for the past seven years and it has always been my dream to provide a platform and opportunity to help women change the way they see themselves and their bodies,” she said.

Her dreams became a reality last weekend as she jumped into entrepreneurship through the opening of Divas Fitness gym in the hear of Khomasdal.

An amazing turn out allowed her to realise the need of women empowerment, the hunger of staying fit and the hunger for platforms for women to own their confidence in a fun way.

“I was pleasantly surprised to have so many ladies support this new venture. A lot of hard work has been put into this new venture and through Namibians supporting Namibians, we can only continue to facilitate such platforms,” she gracefully mentioned. Even though there have been a lot of challenges, she added that positivity, consistency and self-motivation are critical.

“There were days that I re-analysed my business decision and leaving my full time job, but the turnout reminded me of my purpose. It’s necessary to get out of your comfort zone, to spread your wings and take a leap of faith,” she said.

The women in attendance commended Diva Fitness for its unique offering of customising their work outs to the needs of women.

They applauded her for allowing different women with different shapes and sizes to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Caption: Divas fitness, brainchild Liezel Ndjaronguru: Operating hours of Divas Fitness is Monday to Thursday 5am-8pm, for more information contact Liezel at 0813159024.


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