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Du Plessis leads Nedbank’s award-winning Business Banking team

Du Plessis leads Nedbank’s award-winning Business Banking team

Relationship management is vital in the banking industry. Even more important for banks than expanding in capacity is ensuring that clients feel connected after making personal interaction during their banking experiences, regardless of the level at which this happens.

As a result, the Head of Business Banking, Britt du Plessis has a critical role to play. Du Plessis has been with Nedbank Namibia for over three years, heading up the Business Banking division. During that time her position has had to evolve as the role of banking changed from traditional face-to-face encounters to smart banking.

This was true long before COVID-19 compelled many businesses, individuals and organisations to reconsider their business practices. Banks need to enable clients—both current and future—to e-communicate with their banking partner as a single entity, someone with a complete understanding of all banking transactions, from a request for an overdraft to applying for a tech loan.

Du Plessis is a Chartered Accountant with an Honours degree in Taxation, who is helping to pave the way for women in banking management.

Du Plessis added that her team celebrates small victories frequently. For them, passion remains one of the most important building blocks of the client-bank partnership value chain. Therefore, the Business Banking division’s emphasis on creating micro-business strategies for clients is their main priority. They draw on specialist expertise, expert opinion, and professionalism that are available throughout the bank, including the wider Nedbank Group.

“Given the centralisation of banking services the division delivers, Nedbank business banking clients enjoy more convenient ways to bank and manage their finances”, said du Plessis. “With the introduction of new online and tech platforms, we help current clients migrate their financial portfolios under one house, allowing the bank to better advise and assist with the full knowledge of the client’s financial activities at hand”. “Switching banking accounts to Nedbank has now became a seamless process”, she continued. “You can rely on my team to facilitate a smooth transfer, whilst you have peace of mind, focusing on what matters most to you, your business.”

Her well-known and award-winning Business Management team, which won a PMR Diamond award earlier this year and the Gold award in 2020; also in 2020 they were named Nedbank Sales Team of the Year, are quick to admit they do not work alone, praising Nedbank’s overall organisational synergy for their success.

“Nedbank provides unparalleled support, creative products, and competitive lending rates across the board—from transactional accounts to international banking, to investments and asset/capital financing. When requested, the team also delivers financial literacy training to staff of their current business banking clients,” du Plessis said.


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