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Untitled exhibition starts next week at Omba Art Gallery to bring budding artists into mainstream art

Untitled exhibition starts next week at Omba Art Gallery to bring budding artists into mainstream art

An exhibition by the Ileni Pamwe Project of the group Visual Artists of Namibia, will be showcased from 16 January until the end of the month at the Omba Art Gallery. The exhibition is anchored by visual artist, David Amukoto.

The project currently consists of ten visual artists and will exhibit works produced using a variety of artistic techniques including cardboard prints, lino-cut prints, wood and metal sculptures, mixed media paintings and textile designs.

Amukoto, studied visual art at the John Muafangejo Art Centre where he specialised in cardboard printing. Today he is so comfortable in this medium that he regularly conducts art workshops in rural communities. He firmly believes that Namibian artists’ contribution to the country’s emerging and evolving aesthetics find expression and purpose in ventures such as the Ileni Pamwe Project for Visual Artists.

The Ileni Pamwe Project is a cooperative of visual artists, most of them former students of the John Muafangejo Art Centre in Katutura and the College of the Arts. The project was established to promote the skills and sell the works of unemployed artists and to seek out and establish project-based and commissioned work for member artists.

Arranging two to three exhibitions a year, Ileni Pamwe has helped 35 artists to date.

The Omba exhibition opens next Wednesday, 16 January, at 18:30.

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