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Bringing the joy of Christmas to orphans and vulnerable children drives O&L subsidiaries’ CSI

Bringing the joy of Christmas to orphans and vulnerable children drives O&L subsidiaries’ CSI

Several hundred orphans and vulnerable children have experienced the joy of Christmas at special Christmas parties organised or sponsored by the Ohlthaver & List group in Ondangwa, Walvis Bay and Windhoek. This special year-end treat has been given by the group for many years.

In Walvis Bay and Windhoek the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Christmas parties are organised by subsidiaries of the O&L Group while the Ondangwa event is organised by the Oonte OVC Organisation with support from the group.

Tanja Payne of Hangana Seafood in Walvis Bay said the coastal event has grown to be loved, adored and appreciated by the entire community. It has also attracted a number of external sponsors such as Omega Security, Afrox, The Fun Shop, Party Kids, Sanitec, Chip & Dip, Jolly Lolly, Tiny Cooks Walvis Bay, Marlene & Monja, Walvis Bay Fire Brigade, SPUR Walvis Bay, Mpact and Namventures.

“The entire O&L Group and subsidiaries always stand ready and contribute immeasurably to this exciting and very meaningful event on our calendar. I am always impressed and appreciative of the support from our own people but I am also extremely grateful for the external support that adds great value to this special occasion,” she said.

During the course of this year, O&L’s Shoebox project reached another 1000 children collectively from Genade Kinderbewaarhuis, Dolam Children’s House, Dordabis Pre-Primary, Side by Side Early Intervention Centre in Windhoek; Walvis Bay Kids Haven, Sunshine & JJ’s Care Centres in Walvis Bay; Oosterheim Laerskool in Aroab; AA Denk Memorial School in Kalkrand; Hope Children’s Centre in Tsumeb, Tears of Hope in Swakopmund, Sonop Primary School in Mariental and the Mainstream Foundation in Katima.

O&L CSI Coordinator, Venessa Mwiya, said “Both the O&L OVC Christmas parties and the Shoebox project are part of our highlights for the year and remain the most loved events for our O&L Group employees.”


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Mandisa Rasmeni has worked as reporter at the Economist for the past five years, first on the entertainment beat but now focussing more on community, social and health reporting. She is a born writer and she believes education is the greatest equalizer. She received her degree in Journalism at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) in June 2021. . She is the epitome of perseverance, having started as the newspaper's receptionist in 2013.