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Cash benefits worth N$2.5 million distributed to the San community

Cash benefits worth N$2.5 million distributed to the San community

The Nyae Nyae Conservancy and the Community Forest recently held their Annual General Meeting in September 2017 where provisions where made to distribute N$1700 in cash to each of their adult San- members.

During November and December 2017 about N$2,538,100 was distributed to 1493 individual San members in 36 villages around the conservancy.

In addition to the cash injection, the community is set to receive further conservancy benefits in the form of contributions to local schools and the Traditional Authority as well as payments towards coffins in the event of a member’s death.

These funds will also further support water infrastructure development and agricultural activities with equipment and seed. Many members bought food staples as well as essentials like clothing and pots and pans.

Nyae Nyae was the first gazetted conservancy and is the second largest in Namibia. It is also one of the highest earning conservancies in Namibia through its Trophy Hunting Concession. With this income it employs 25 local people in permanent positions from Rangers to Craft and Agricultural Officers.

The money that is earned through the activities directly benefit the community and aims to ensure a steady increase in access to facilities, education and stimulate empowerment for the community members further.


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