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Local entrepreneur to foster economic growth and alleviate poverty

Local entrepreneur to foster economic growth and alleviate poverty

By Linda Machinga

Over the years research shows that entrepreneurship is one of the solutions to fostering economic growth, poverty alleviation as well as income inequality in any country.

Kristian Nghishidimbwa (39) is the sole owner of Nghishidimbwa Tours and Transport CC, a registered transport company offering daily transport services for commuters between Windhoek and Oranjemund. He quit his job and started a transport business and became an employer.

His company is listed with the Namibian Tourism Board, Nghishidimbwa Tours and Transport CC also offers school and church tours within and outside the borders of Namibia. The company currently has five employs, two female administrators and three male divers with a fleet of seven vehicles.

When he was asked why he chose this business venture, Nghishidimbwa said that he has always dreamt of owning his own transport business that could offer him financial independence. he also mentioned that he wants to use his skills and knowledge, creating ownership and employment for others.

Like with most aspiring entrepreneurs acquiring start-up capital was a challenge Nghishidimbwa was not spared. “Getting financial assistance can be a tedious. But at Bank Windhoek, they understood what I wanted to achieve and assisted me in a timely and professional manner. I am grateful to Bank Windhoek,” said Nghishidimbwa.

He added that another challenge is the competition from established business who conduct business with each other instead of giving it to Small Medium Enterprises(SMEs)

Despite the challenging economic environment, Nghishidimbwa’s business continues to do well. Fuel price increases has amplified customers demand for public transport. Nghishidimbwa emphasised that his motivation is to provide the best service to his customers.

I strive to provide excellent, efficient and reliable service to my customers, ensuring a long lasting relationship,” he added.

He advised young aspiring entrepreneurs to be patient, consistent and hard working and to never give on their dreams.

In 2010 Nghishidimbwa sought financial assistance from Bank Windhoek’s Emerging Small and Medium Enterprises (ESME) Financial branch to purchase his first company bus.

Bank Windhoek’s ESME Finance Branch was established to offer support and assistance to promsing Namibian entrepreneurs with feasible business ideas. “This is some of the areas the bank positively contributes to namibia’s financial inclusion agenda,” said Bank Windhoek’s ESME Finance Branch, Credit and Sales Manager Aune Hamukonda.

Nghishidimbwa is a confident, positive, organised and handworking individual. He displays some attributes of a successful entrepreneur. We wish him all the best as his business continues to expand,” she added.

Nghishidimbwa said that with Bank Windhoek’s support, he is certain that his business will further grow into a well-established transport company operating from all corners of Namibia creating employment for the country’s youth.

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