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Mining ministry confirms support for downstream value-adding of diamonds

Mining ministry confirms support for downstream value-adding of diamonds

“The Ministry of Mines and Energy would like to congratulate KGK Diamonds Namibia for paving the way for skills transfer in cutting and polishing of rough diamonds and for taking this bold step to train fellow Namibians in India,” said the Deputy Minister, Hon Kornelia Shilunga at a recent certificate ceremony for the first four Namibian trainees after their return from India.

Polished diamonds contribute roughly 14% to India’s total exports, with the industry’s biggest operations based in Surat. When KGK Diamonds Namibia was launched, one of its first commitments was a pledge to train Namibians at its factories in Surat. The first four apprentices received their certificates at last week’s ceremony from the Indian Deputy Minister of Mining, Hon Sandeep Kothari.

Demonstrating the importance of local diamond beneficiation, the certificate ceremony was attended also by the Chief Executive of the Namibian Diamond Trading Company, Mr Shihaleni Ndjaba and by the acting Diamond Commissioner, Ms Miina Gahutu.

“When recognizing somebody for a job well done, it is important to highlight the value of the award and the recipients, therefore I would like to congratulate the brave and diligent young employees of KGK Diamonds Namibia for undertaking this training successfully,” said Shilunga.

“The ministry would like to motivate and encourage you to remain our future shining lights of the Namibian downstream diamond industry. You have made your country proud, therefore we will honour you today with these certificates to reward your dedication and commitment. We also pledge our unwavering support as a ministry in its role to facilitate, build and maintain Namibia’s emerging downstream diamond industry,” she concluded.


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