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UNAM to publish first book on aquaculture innovations in Africa next year

UNAM to publish first book on aquaculture innovations in Africa next year

A senior lecturer in the Department of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences at the University of Namibia (UNAM), Sam Nujoma Campus, Dr Ndakalimwe Naftal Gabriel with a team of academics has edited and is set to release a book on aquaculture innovations.

The book project titled Emerging Sustainable Aquaculture Innovations in Africa will be published in 2023 by Springer Nature as part of the book series, Sustainability Sciences in Asia and Africa and the book sub-series Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security.

The UNAM said this is the first book of its kind to present the most recent scientific-based aquaculture innovations from Africa. It covers a wide range of issues concerning aquaculture sustainability on the African continent, with a focus on issues related to SDG 2 and SDG 14.

“Today, aquaculture has become one of the fastest food-producing sectors in the world, with the potential to contribute significantly to food security and poverty alleviation in developing countries. In Africa, aquaculture is at its infancy stage, however, many African countries have recognized the potential roles of aquaculture in food security, poverty alleviation, and conservation of aquatic resources through their commitment to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” they added.

The University said the book comprises 26 chapters as contributed by the editors and other authors from various African aquaculture fields. The book also draws from global discussions on sustainable aquaculture practices and provides recommendations on what is feasible for Africa.

“This book will be a great tool for university students, scholars, aquaculture farmers, investors, and policymakers to understand the scientific-based sustainable aquaculture innovations from an African perspective,” they said.

The Sam Nujoma Campus and UNAM are proud of Dr. Gabriel’s achievement of publishing such an important book, as this is critical in driving the teaching and research agenda of UNAM which seeks to be a sustainable international hub of higher education training, research, and innovation by 2030

Dr. Gabriel has worked on this project with Professor Edosa Omoregie and Dr. Prudence.


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