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Increase online sales with a personalisation strategy

Increase online sales with a personalisation strategy

Personalisation is a key part of the customer experience and it should be a top priority for modern businesses. It’s the answer to successful marketing and it enables businesses to create relevant and unique experiences through intelligent use of customer data.

Modern eCommerce sites use visitor behaviour to autonomously create and optimise individual content and product views for every visitor, every time. Personalisation helps achieve a superior customer experience and more importantly, increased visitor engagement.

Bluegrass Digital managing director, Nick Durrant points to Episerver Personalisation as an intelligent personalisation suite of products available in the cloud.

“We have seen a 10 – 20% average increase in sales for our customers optimising acquisition, retention, and conversion with Episerver Personalisation. Its the perfect tool to eliminate complex rules-based personalisation,” he said.

By combining machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical analysis, Episerver empowers merchandisers to present individualised content and product selections in multiple channels, without complicated configuration.

“The platform conceptualises a traditional Data Management Platform (DMP), while offering advanced personalisation tools and a secure and compliant user interface to enable your customers to control their presences even the right to be forgotten,” he explained.

Businesses should offer a personalised search by optimising the customer experience with relevant search results based on visitor behaviour. There should be optimised rankings, display products optimised for each visitor based on behavioural data and merchandising strategies.

Additionally, one needs to make personalised product recommendations throughout the web or mobile site. This includes a personalised engagement, create opportunities for cross-sells or upsells by analysing and acting on real-time visitor behaviour.

“More importantly, ensure each email is completely personalised for each recipient every time they open a message. Also, automatically individualise landing pages, content listings and home pages to increase engagement,” he added.

Durrant said one should offer visitors the right content at the right time based on individual behaviours and preferences. This is where your data becomes important. Trigger messages based on customer behaviour on the website like product interest. Compile visitor data according to profiles, journeys, personas or segments. Finally, use behavioural data and personal details to inform marketing campaigns.”

Episerver Insight, the persistent visitor intelligence product from Episerver, empowers companies to both collect and visualise anything from personal details and preferences to transaction history, attributes and classifications, and the multichannel customer journey.

“Episerver Insight creates actionable insights with powerful behavioural intelligence and clickstream tracking. It’s easy to compile data on your visitors if you have the right tools in place. But how many companies are actually using that data to effectively increase engagement with customers,” said Durrant.

Episerver Perform analyses every visitor, their individual customer journeys, and actions of similar customers to help you autonomously present personalised product recommendations across all channels, including Web, Mobile, Store, Contact Centre, and Print.

“Wherever you display your products, Episerver will optimise the experience for every visitor by utilising behavioural data and merchandising strategies. It really helps to show your customers that you really understand them and their preferences,” he concluded.

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