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Nature lovers welcome in Walvis

Walvis Bay is expected to attract a huge number of tourists this festive season.Potential investors, tourists, adventure seekers and holiday-makers are all welcome to indulge in dolphin cruises, angling, wind surfing, quad biking and wind surfing in the beautiful coastal town of Walvis Bay this festive season.
Derek Klazen, mayor of the town, extended an invitation to both locals and international visitors, stating that everybody is welcome to visit Walvis Bay and enjoy a fun-filled holiday as well as the warmth and hospitality of its residents.
“The only condition is that we all behave in a way that shows respect for one another, as well as the urban and natural environment. Let us preserve the natural beauty of our environment for future generations to enjoy as well. This festive season will be characterised by various entertainment events and recreational activities such as concerts, Vasbyt adventures, family parties along the beach and many more.
“However, in the past, this time of the year has also been blighted by a host of injuries and damage to property due to some people’s irresponsible behaviour and disregard for road safety and fellow road users. I would thus like to advise all drivers and any other individuals to refrain from such behaviour to avoid spoiling the festive spirit for themselves and others,” Klazen said.
Dune 7, one of the highest crests in the dune belt along the coast, is also a major attraction as it has a number of picnic sites and is popular among visitors who love para-gliding, sand boarding and quad biking.
The Walvis Bay Lagoon is also popular amongst visitors. The lagoon, which is a Ramsar site, is popular amongst bird lovers as it is a feeding ground for flamingos, the chestnut-banded plover, Damara terns, pelicans, cormorants and sea gulls. While on a visit at the lagoon, people can catch a glimpse of Cape Fur seals, water birds and dolphins. On special occasions, one might even see leather-back turtles and whales.
Anita Kaihiva, communications officer at the Walvis Bay municipality, urged visitors to refrain from dumping anything that affects the cleanliness of the beaches.
“To ensure a peaceful and safe holiday, visitors are reminded of the municipal by-laws relating to the control of the seashore, the sea and its environment that have been in force since January 2004. The control over recreational activities and permissible routes for off-road vehicles and quad bikes as introduced by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, remains in place,” Kaihiva said.
The town’s municipal traffic division and the Namibian Police’s traffic division will also exercise strict control over road use and adherence to road rules and signs. Road blocks will be set up to ensure that road users comply with safety regulations.
Walvis Bay markets itself as a marine, birdlife and adventure tourist destination and many visitors from southern Africa and from around the world, continue to flock to this pristine coastal town.

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