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Brewer with distinction

 (Left) President of the Artisan Guild of Ulm, Anton Gindele, on the right general manager of the guild, Dr Tobias Mehlich, with Fredy Piepmeyer in the middle. Piepmeyer holds his Master Brewer qualification and the certificate honouring him for his academic distinction.Former apprentice brewer at Namibia Breweries, Fredy Piepmeyer, was one of only 30 candidates awarded for scoring an aggregate mark above 80% in his final examination at a training institution in Germany.
Piepmeyer recently completed his Master Craftsman qualification which is similar to a master’s degree for artisans.
Out of a total of 500 master students in many different occupations, 30 were honoured for achieving an average mark of above 80%. The event in Schwäbisch Gemünd was attended by various business leaders and political dignitaries of the region.
Hans Bellekes, NBL’s supply manager, expressed his pride on Fredy’s achievement. “Getting the master brewer certificate is in itself not an easy feat. It takes a lot of hard work, long hours and studying through the night for a variety of tough subjects. To then still achieve more than 80% is a fantastic result. Congratulations Fredy – we are proud of you and know that our beer and brewing is in masterful hands at NBL.”

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