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Housing a major priority for Walvis municipality

A shortage of decent and affordable housing is one of the major challenges faced by the Walvis Bay municipal council. Informal settlements are mushrooming in certain areas of the town, with about 30 000 people living in these settlements.
According to Derek Klazen, mayor of Walvis Bay, the total backlog in terms of housing is an estimated 20 000 units.
“This is a major challenge that needs our urgent attention. In this respect, we need to continually engage with government to find solutions in the development of land and the approval of certain projects. Although we have made substantial progress this year in the provision of housing for industrial, commercial and residential purposes, this will continue to be a priority during our term of office,” Klazen said.
He said the municipal council is working with private developers and low cost groups to avail land for residential and industrial purposes and has identified land in the Narraville, Kuisebmond and Meersig areas which will be serviced for residential purposes. More than 500 erven will be provided through this initiative.
This year, approval was given for the extension of Kuisebmond, Narraville 5 and Narraville 6; a total of 980 erven were created. A new long distance taxi rank was also developed which will largely serve the Kuisebmond and Narraville communities. The development and subsequent launch of the Anixas Diesel power station has also been a highlight for the town.
The municipality has commissioned various studies such as the Integrated Spatial Development Framework, Local Economic Development Plan and Traffic Master Plan, which will assist in formulating a long term vision for Walvis Bay.
“I wish to reassure our residents that the council will continue to serve the entire community of Walvis Bay as it has been the norm since 1994. We simply refuse to slow down our efforts to ensure that continued growth, development and prosperity in a secure and stable environment remain our top priorities,” said Klazen.
In order to address the shortage of housing, the municipality expects to create 1000 more erven next year.

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