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Kidz happy at holiday camp

Forty nine children, some from as far as Rundu took part in the Dutch Reformed Church holiday camp which was held just before Christmas.

Forty nine children, some from as far as Rundu took part in the Dutch Reformed Church holiday camp which was held just before Christmas.

The holiday camp 2012 had to differ from those of previous years. Besides sports and games, something had to be created in co-operation with the kids. Thus the idea came up to spend three days together. The outcome was a very intense and successful holiday camp running almost three days from Saturday morning up to Monday morning.
The venue for the camp was the grounds of the Dutch Reformed Church, Windhoek East, which is near to Windhoek High School. This allowed the campers access to the school’s sport fields.
A sound body is just as much part of the camp as a sound spirit so moderate exercise helped them wake up every morning. Many broke into a sweat as Elke Storm (personal trainer of Virgin Active) gave them physical training lessons. According to some children attending the camp, they never had that much physical exercise in their entire life. Despite the physical hardship they had much fun and played and relaxed at the pool afterwards.
The children were divided into seven groups with corresponding T-shirts: Lions, Giraffes, Springbok, Cheetahs, Hippos, Rhinos and Oryx. Sunday morning a sport tournament in soccer and baseball took place as well as a dexterity course. The automatic sprinkler system for the lawn came on at that time but this did not dampen their spirits in the least, to the contrary.
After two hours there were two teams with an equal number of points, both choosing one member to represent them for a final showdown. Something unbelievable happened: after both competitors did the same amount of sit-ups in one minute it was decided to arbitrate with the traditional scissor-stone-paper game.
It was still a tie and eventually both teams received fantastic prices sponsored and handed over by Klaus Otto, chairman of the African Buffaloes BVB Fan Club Namibia. The children knew in advance that the losers would have to do the dishes after lunch which motivated them to do their very best.
In the afternoon the traditional ‘Safari Walk’ took place. This is a treasure hunt with 13 different stations teaching the children teamwork and innovative thinking to come up with solutions. This was tremendously entertaining for the kids and they mastered this challenge with bravado. To round off the day in the evening they enjoyed watching the film ‘Kung-Fu Panda’ with chips and cool drinks.
Despite all the daily physical activity, as soon as they were back at the hostel of the Windhoek High School they showered and chatted until late into the night. For many of them it was a problem to get up at six o’clock in the morning, but the sports grounds were calling relentlessly. After a hearty breakfast, with focus on health and variety, during the day also salads and vegetables, water and iced tea with lemon juice, a little dessert was served to spoil the kids, seeing that Christmas was on hand.
Most of the 49 children participating came from an impoverished background, this time from Rundu, Otavi and Windhoek/Katutura. For some of the children from the north it was their first visit to the capital. Seven guides, elder children of the International School and the Windhoek High School, were integrated as mentors in each group.
The camp is organised by Susanne Lachmann who can be contacted at [email protected].

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