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After-school basketball initiative rewards top academic achievers

After-school basketball initiative rewards top academic achievers

The Basketball Artists School (BAS) Foundation in Katutura this week gave out 38 awards to their Rookies, Juniors and Seniors for both academic performance and overall commitment.

The top performers who received awards were; Robinho Nuwuseb (5 awards), Noah Hilengwa (4), Ella Andima (3) and Tiffany Khoeses (3).

Awards were not only given for best results, but also for best improvement. For the first time in the eight-year BAS history, university scholarships were handed out to learners who passed grade 12.

Additionally, Eino Absalom, Jacobina Uushona, Michael Shikemeni and Lino Nina Simao received a scholarship for the first year at university worth more than N$ 100,000 in total.

“This is only possible through the generosity of our former German supporting association Isibindi e.V. who left us some money to support our students. We first want to see how they develop in the first year and then we will make a decision on how to support them further,” said Ramah Mumba, Executive Director of BAS Foundation.

The awards were handed out by BAS Foundation Chairperson Dr. Vetumbuavi S. Veii together with board members, Katrina Gowases and Paulus Lewin.

BAS currently has 60 learners from 8 until 19 years who get daily lunch, academic tutoring, life skills and basketball practice at the Katutura Sports Complex.

Caption: BAS Juniors with BAS Foundation Board Member Paulus Lewin (centre).

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