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Facelift for squatter camp

Approximately 258 households need to be relocated to Otjimuise Extention 10 in order to make room for the upgrading of Omuthiya and Onghuwo Ye Pongo informal settlements in Okuryangava.

These households are likely to be relocated after completion of the servicing project which is provided under the City’s TIPEEG programme.
This provision was made after an application seeking the subdivision of Erven 386, 527, 528 and 798 into various portions and rezoning of the subdivided portions for consolidation purposes in order to create formal streets, single residential and general residential zoned erven, was tabled in the City of Windhoek Council meeting this week.
According to information supporting the application, there are a total of 517 households in Omuthiya and Onghuwo Ye Pongo informal settlements with a population of 1041.
According to Council documents, the living conditions of the residents of both areas are in dire need of improvement. In order to improve the living conditions, an upgrading of the area is necessary as it will also pave the way for the provision of basic essential services.
The Council recommended that the households that occupy the proposed general residential erven be encouraged and trained to form self-help housing groups. It was further proposed that a lease agreement be reached between  the City of Windhoek and households that occupy the proposed general residential erven until such time that the erven are registered.
The Council also recommended that the proposed general residential erven be offered to the households once they have formed self-help groups in compliance with the City’s allocation criteria. The funding to deliver electricity, water and sewer reticulation will be provided under the TIPEEG programme.
Finally, the Council asked that it be noted that the delivery of water and sewer services will have immense social and health benefits and that it would be technically and financially feasible in the long run as no communal services with its high commensurate maintenance cost would be required.

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