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Sanlam now Wealthsmiths

Sanlam Senior Marketing and Communications Consultant Ilke Platt-Akwenye, (left), Marketing Consultant Annemarie Saunderson,General Manager: Public and Corporate Support Evans Simaata, and Group CEO Tertius Stears (Photograph by Melba Chipepo)

Sanlam this week introduced its new look and feel brand, including a refreshed new logo, marketing material, signage and interiors. Sanlam said it is transforming into a single strong brand with a diverse range of financial expertise rather than a vast number of sub-brands. The rebranding implies that as from this week, Sanlam Namibia will be known as Sanlam only; and all the marketing and branding of individual units, such as SIM, Namlife and unit trusts will be done under the single, unified brand of Sanlam. Other products run by the company include Sanlam Personal Portfolio (SP2), Capricorn Life, Sanlam Funeral Plan and Sanlam Risk Administration  Sanlam’s General Manager for Public and Corporate Support, Evans Simaata said the rebranding of Sanlam also covers the formal transition of lower bracket insurer Namlife, to Sanlam. “We would like to assure our existing Namlife clients, as well as our potential clients that the ownership, the trusted and affordable services and the leadership that has made the financial decisions will remain the same.

Our financial advisors at Namlife will also remain the same with their same sound and professional advice”.  Sanlam Group CEO, Tertius Stears emphazised that by adopting a monolithic brand and a new modernised logo supported by sound brand positioning, it will make it easier for Sanlam to sell various solutions and will create a new focus around the Sanlam brand. “A monolithic brand will ensure a strong holistic Sanlam brand with less confusion among clients and will give Sanlam a renewed sense of unity. Our new pay-off line will cease to be “Thinking Ahead”, but become “Wealthsmiths.” This puts the focus on growing and preserving wealth. But the familiar two hands will be kept as the logo. “By keeping the significant two hands that represent power, strength, protection, safety and nurturing, and by owning the strong association with blue, we are introducing a more conversational tone that shows that we are open to business. Our vision will always remain to be the leader in wealth creation and protection”, he said. Sanlam is confident that the new single brand will elevate its name and reputation as a leading financial services company. “Sanlam will continue to focus on customer needs, enabling them to plug into their global services locally in order to transform original content into globally valuable products. The change is also a symbolic meaning of Sanlam and Namlife being one company and now officially merging the two into the mother company name.”

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