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Two UNAM law students continue studies with Legal Shield funding

Two UNAM law students continue studies with Legal Shield funding

Two law students, Julia Nampweya and Bernice Keet, last week learned they have each received a substantial bursary for this year from legal insurer, Legal Shield. Both students study at the University of Namibia.

“The financial assistance offered to the students will enable them to focus on their studies and not the financial hardships one faces when chasing higher education,” said the Head of Trustco Insurance, Annette Brand at a ceremony where the students officially received their bursaries with a value of N$30,000 per bursary. The two recipients were selected after successfully going through a selection process where a set range of criteria is applied.

When Nampweya and Keet graduate, they will have the opportunity to start their careers in law working for Trustco Insurance of which Legal Shield is the flagship product.

At the Legal Shield bursary ceremony, Trustco Insurance’s Head of Claims, Kevin Anderson said it is important that capable and experienced legal practitioners work in the Namibian legal framework.

“Grasp the opportunities that you have been given. Get a solid academic grounding together with a balanced approach that will only stand you in good stead to be a valuable member of the legal community in the future,” he stated.

He reiterated that Trustco Insurance, through Legal Shield, will continue to assist law students by annually awarding bursaries. To date, a total of 39 students have benefitted from the financial assistance provided by Legal Shield bursaries. “Trustco Insurance believes in dedicating resources to the future legal leaders of this country, particularly investing in resilient and enthusiastic students pursuing a career in the legal profession,” Anderson continued.

Pictured at last week’s Legal Shield bursary ceremony, from the left, Annette Brand, Head: Trustco Insurance. Julia Nampweya, Bernice Keet and Kevin Anderson. COO of Trustco Insurance.



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