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First-ever post-graduate course for liquidators and business rescuers at University of Pretoria

First-ever post-graduate course for liquidators and business rescuers at University of Pretoria

Law and business professionals who work extensively with insolvency, business rescue and liquidations, can now improve both their theoretical and practical knowledge with a Master’s degree in Insolvency and Business Rescue from the prestigious University of Pretoria.

This new cross-disciplinary post-graduate qualification is offered by the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences (EMS) in collaboration with the Faculty of Law.

“The insolvency industry is changing rapidly around the world, with greater emphasis being placed on recovery as opposed to traditional winding down,” said Dr Wesley Rosslyn-Smith, Senior Lecturer specialising in Turnaround Management and Business Rescue.

“The turnaround process is highly complex, pulling competencies from law, finance and business. As more professionals aim to build careers in business rescue, we saw the opportunity to offer a cross-disciplinary degree to a field that has traditionally been studied from only a legal perspective.”

Dr Rosslyn-Smith said the university’s Department of Business Management has been involved with research in turnaround management for over 30 years, making the union between the faculty of EMS and Law an obvious one for this programme.

“Studying insolvency law with business rescue together will enable students to gain a detailed understanding of the legal, financial, economic and governance issues underpinning debt finance and recovery. Students will also gain advanced knowledge of theoretical and practical issues guiding formal and informal debt restructuring procedures.

The quality of tuition and course content is ensured by a top-class team of lecturers consisting of representatives from science and practice, including professors from UP’s Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, as well as external lecturers. They include experienced lawyers who specialise in insolvency law or restructuring, renowned insolvency and business rescue practitioners, partners in consulting firms, economists with a relevant job profile, and communication experts.

The admission requirements are at least an honours degree in an academic discipline related to financial management or business management OR a four-year law degree OR any other qualification in an academic discipline relevant to this MPhil programme that allows admission to a master’s programme at the institution where the undergraduate qualification was obtained.

The closing date for applications is 31 March in the year of first registration.


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