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Dessert Queen to serenade audience at Acoustic Friday

Dessert Queen to serenade audience at Acoustic Friday

The voluptuous and juicy singer, Priscilla ‘the Dessert Queen’ will be at the FNCC’s Acoustic Friday stage on 23 February. The ‘Dessert Queen’ who loves to entertain her audience said she will share songs that are guaranteed to appeal to her audience’s emotions.

Priscilla is a passionate, free spirited artist who love singing and interacting with people and comes from a musical family, from both sides of her heritage. Her debt single Malva Pudding was a resounding hit and was followed by her debut album in July 2016.

Other than her singing career she has recently been chosen as the Face of Hope for Namibia nationally and internationally and she is also the founder and Director of the Love Yourself Campaign featuring plus size women, promoting body positivity and self love and assurance.

“I chose the name Priscilla Dessert Namibian Queen because you have to see me to understand, I am what you call glorified plus size women, so full of love, with a huge heart and therefore I always used to say, I am twice in size, more to like and oh so juicy,” she explained.


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