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Expressionist dancers move into audience space at College of the Arts’ Inter-Acts

Expressionist dancers move into audience space at College of the Arts’ Inter-Acts

The College of the Arts will be hosting the Windhoek International Dance Festival from 26 to 29 September 2018, for the second year, where dance enthusiasts, art lovers and the general public can celebrate dance in all its forms of expression.

The organisers said the theme for this year is “Inter-Acts”, and will kick off with a lab-based platform where artists re-imagine movement and the relationship between the audience and the performer. This part of the festival is facilitated by Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja.

Their “Main Stage” platform entitled Courtyard, will showcase a diversity of genres, including traditional Damara-Nama, Setswana, Pantsula, Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Belly dance routines.

The public can also look forward to high quality engaging dance performances that show how compatible Namibian dance art is with the rest of the world. The festival intends to make dance accessible to everyone regardless of age or preference of genre.

“The festival promises to increase a sense of belonging and pride in Namibia and its artists in the midst of a recession and hope to give the audience a moment to forget and be immersed in a world that inspires and renews hope while strengthening audience,” stated the College of the Arts.

Sensing the need for a divergent spectrum of dance expression, the College invited dancers, choreographers and dance studios in Windhoek, to join festival and bring their special skill to the attention of an appreciative public. The festival offers the opportunity for diverse dancers to work together creatively in an unconventional space.

The four-day festival will feature acts such as Cocoon Dance Company, Themba Mbuli, Sven-Eric Muller, Da-mai Dance Ensembel, Moon Goddess Dance Studios, Ombetja Yehinga Organisation, Anchen Wille Dance Academy Dancers, Dantagos Dance, Golden, Khadijah, Nesindano Namises, H2E Dance Studio, First Rain Dance Theatre, BTM Squared, Enchante, Genesis, Nikhita Winkler Dance Theatre, Windhoek’s Finest Dance Crew, Old Location Cultural Group and Makgona Ngwao.

Tickets will be sold at the College for N$100 in advance and N$120 at the gate.

Photograph by Yassmin Forte Photography


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