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Dialogue between a priest and a dying man to showcase at College of the Arts

Dialogue between a priest and a dying man to showcase at College of the Arts

Township Production will collaborate with the College of the Arts (COTA) and showcase the play Dialogue between a priest and a dying man from 4 to 6 October at the Theatre School.

In the play, the dying man exploits the visits of the priest to challenge, the principals of the church, the divinity of Christ, the original sine, propitiatory sacrifice and everything which could not be justified in rational terms.

Through the discussions that ensue, the priest is challenged by the urge to surrender to nature, does he become a man corrupted by nature?

In his undying conviction that any soul is worth saving from sin the Priest is on a quest to offer the dying man a last chance to repent, but he find himself in a precarious situation that leaves him soul searching his own position regarding his religious conviction.

The original script is written by Marque de Sade and directed by David Ndjavera. The actors portraying the roles are Adriano Visagie (Dying man) and Denzel Naobeb (Priest), while Keamogetsi Josepth Molapong from Township Productions takes care of production duties.

In addition Thabiso Dube from COTA will handle the graphics and Steven Afrikaner will be taking care of the performance promotion and marketing of the production.


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