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Environment ministry condemns attacks on tourists

Environment ministry condemns attacks on tourists

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism Ministry has called upon the law enforcement agencies as well as the citizens, to be vigilant and act proactively against violent acts against tourists who enter the country.

The Ministry on Monday in a statement said it is concerned and has noted at least two attacks on tourists in a space of two weeks with the recent attack taking place on the western bypass in Windhoek on 10 Aug.

According to Chief public relations officer, Romeo Muyunda, Namibia has always been regarded as a safe travel destination with peaceful people.

This reputation has contributed to the growth of tourism in the country and with the current trend where tourists are being attacked, we are called upon to take collective measures, as individuals and institutions to restore our status of a peaceful environment,” he said.

Muyunda said the ministry condemns these destructive actions by some members of the Namibian society assured tourists across the global that Namibia is a safe travel destination, despite a spat of attacks on tourists who have visited the country.

These actions have far reaching consequences to our aspirations as a sector and Namibia as a destination. Violence is not an experience we want to create for our tourists but on the contrary we want them experience the peacefulness that we have always offered over the years,” he added.

Meanwhile, Muyunda furthermore called upon the judiciary system to show no mercy over these suspects as a way of discouraging this disturbing trend in the country.

caption: A  group of tourist enjoying their holiday in Namibia, despite the Ministry of Environment and Tourism’s concern of tourist attacks recently in a space of two weeks.

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