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Hardap Dam to assist with water to Neckartal project

Hardap Dam to assist with water to Neckartal project

Due to limited water resources available at the Neckartal dam, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) said tthe project might soon experience a water shortage.

MAWF is currently busy with the construction of the Neckartal Dam in the Fish River, near Keetmanshoop and in order to proceed with the construction, the MAWF requested NamWater to release water from Hardap Dam to augment supply at Neckartal Dam for the purpose of construction.

According to Namwater in a statement,in consultation with stakeholders, an analysis was done and it was found that releasing water from the Hardap Dam is the most viable option to resolve the water shortage at the project under the current circumstances.

Namwater said water will therefore be released from the Hardap Dam as from 24 July to satisfy the need of the project. The rate of release will be limited to a volumetric rate to prevent any damage to agricultural fields or private property near Mariental.

Namwater in the statement urged members of the public especially travelers that cross the river, residents and farmers along the Fish River to be cautious and take any necessary precautions to ensure their safely and to prevent damage to or loss of assets that may be located in or near the river, Water will soon start flowing until a maximum of 40Mm3 has been released.

According to the water utility, sufficient water will still be available to continue with the usual irrigation for 18 months as from 1 August.

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