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Huge expectations for Agra in Rundu

Huge expectations for Agra in Rundu

The much-anticipated opening of Agra’s new branch in Rundu takes place next week Friday, 29 July. Expectations are high and several residents told the Economist they can’t wait for the specials.
Agra said this week that this new development brought new job opportunities for Rundu residents with 15 new permanent positions ranging from branch administrator to shop assistants.
Johann Viljoen, Agra Retail’s Operations Manager described the new branch as a result of growth, planning and leadership. “We are all excited! We are positive that this branch will play a crucial role, as the provider of farming inputs to the agricultural industry and the entire community,” he proudly said. He said Agra will continue to expand its wings to various parts of the country to bring services closer to the people.
“Agra implemented a strategy to diversify its business interests in non-agricultural investments, to counteract the cyclical nature of agriculture with steady income not entirely dependent on the weather conditions. This move enables our business to be sustainable and relevant for many more years to come,” Viljoen explained.

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