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Agronomic Board close borders for mahangu importation

Agronomic Board close borders for mahangu importation

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has decided to close the borders for mahangu grain and white maize imports until further notice, the permanent secretary, Percy Misika said last week.

This decision was made after the production of white maize was estimated at 59,000 tonnes, of which 55,656 were marketed; in case of mahangu, the total production was estimated at 83,500 tonnes, of which about 3,600 tonnes was registered for formal marketing and to date only about 1,361 tonnes have been marketed, leaving a balance of 2,200 tonnes mahangu unmarketed.

In order to assist surplus mahangu producers to market their grains, the agriculture ministry through Agro-Marketing and Trade Agency and the Namibian Agronomic Board divided to take measures.

The government established the Agro-Marketing and Trade Agency to procure grains from the local producers for the National Strategic Food Reserve in order to support national food security, he said.

Misika also said that the ministry promoted production of pearl millet and white maize through the implementation of the dry land crop production and the Comprehensive Conservation Agriculture Programms during the 2018/2019 cropping season in order to ensure food security at both household and national levels. (Xinhua).


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