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Aspiring diplomats meet in Windhoek

The MUNNAM delegates with UN officials

The MUNNAM delegates with UN officials

About hundred aspiring high school diplomats from the Khomas Region will gather at the UN House in Klein Windhoek for the first Model United Nations Namibia High School Conference to be held from 14 to 15 September.
At the two-day conference, learners from thirteen different schools in Windhoek will showcase their diplomatic skills by resolving some of the United Nation’s vital issues in committee simulations.
The High School Model United Nations Namibia (MUNNAM) was launched on Thursday at the UN House. MUNNAM 2012 is part of the world-wide series of model United Nations meetings. The event allows secondary school students to reach consensus on global issues of concern. It also creates an international platform for local students to gain knowledge of other countries.

While simulating the roles of international delegates, students develop leadership skills as well as research, writing, public speaking and problem solving skills through hands-on experiences. By assuming the role of diplomats, learners also gain experience in consensus building, conflict resolution and co-operation in a safe and structured environment.
The topic to be debated at the two-day conference will focus on the international protection of refugees. The 1951 convention relating to the status of refugees is one of the most important instruments in international law. The convention is a binding treaty that dictates how signatories must treat asylum seekers and remains one of the greatest achievements of the UN.
MUNNAM 2012 will be an exceptional example of realising these principles through youth empowerment and leadership. The best delegates will be given an award at the closing ceremony.


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