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Power in the power lines

Nicolai Shikongo, Head of Projects and Operations at Oshana Power Lines. (Photograph by Hilma Hashange)

Nicolai Shikongo, Head of Projects and Operations at Oshana Power Lines. (Photograph by Hilma Hashange)

Three qualified technicians operating from Oshakati have entered the electricity industry with a shock.
Philvest Twelve trading as “Oshana Power Lines” is a local company established in 2008 and changed to Oshana Power Lines in 2010 after its registration was amended. Although still a young business, the drivers behind Oshana Power Lines have years of experience in the electrical industry covering mounting, project management, construction, installations, maintenance and operations.
The three members of the business, who all have equal voting rights, are Nicolai Shikongo, Marius Nagel and Bram Elles. Shikongo is an electrician with 19 years experience in electricity supply. He is Head of Projects and Operations. Nagel, also an electrician with 23 years experience, is the Programme Head.  Ellis  is a mechanic and Head of Finance and Administration. He has 19 years experience.
The business employs 19 permanent staff and offers practical internships to NIMT students and engineering students from other vocational and technical institutions. The interns complement the company’s manpower on its extended projects.
Located in Oshakati, Oshana Power Lines has the capacity to handle large projects across the northern regions. According to Shikongo, their business is doing great and the possibility of branching out to other areas is definitely on the cards.
“Our clients include NORED, NAMPOWER, Town Councils and even private individuals, however we tend to focus more on bigger projects,” Shikongo said. The typical projects handled by Oshana Power Lines include electrification of medium and low voltage networks, installation of distribution transformers and switch gear, transformer refurbishment and maintenance, reticulation upgrading and plant installation and maintenance.

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