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Youth to hold ICT expo

Staden Siyoka, one of the brains behind the ICT Youth expo that is set to take place next month.

Staden Siyoka, one of the brains behind the ICT Youth expo that is set to take place next month.

Two Windhoek based young entrepreneurs who initiated the first Ongwediva Career Fair and Youth Expo have set plans in motion to bring the first ever Information and Technology Expo.
The expo will be under the theme ‘African Information and Communication Technology Revolution, Economic Breakthrough, Sustainable Development, Equal Distribution of Wealth and Opportunities and African Investment’.
The expo which is the idea of three young entrepreneurs, Staden Siyoka, Mwaala Emmanuel Chenjekwa and Salomo Kambirongo,will take place from 20- 22 September. The three day event will feature various small medium enterprises, established firms such as private companies, parastatals, universities, government & non-governmental institutions and industry experts who will exhibit various latest products, services and information they offer in the Information & Communication Technology Industry to the public, potential clients and students.
Initially the expo was scheduled for 14-16 August, but was postponed due to a lack of funds for advertisements and sponsorship. Speaking in an interview with the economist this week Siyoka said  he hopes that the show will be a success and that it will attract a huge public turn out and a lot of exhibitors.
Siyoka also said that the public can expect to be well informed on the importance of technology; how it can benefit the country in terms of industrial development and how ICT can help the country push towards vision 2030.Adding that people will know where they can get their technological equipment and that companies and businesses will know how ICT can help their businesses grow.
The trio are the owners of Glory Computers which is a company that offers services such as computer upgrades, program installation, software installation, internet installation, computer installation, hardware repair and PC educational programs and computer training programs. The company also offers other services such as marketing and promotional strategies for both big and small business enterprises.
“Our business is passionate about the future generation; therefore, we are aimed at the improvement of the educational system. We supply affordable quality computers to schools in rural and urban areas” said Siyoka.

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