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Dr Nujoma plants second tree in Lüderitz, 27 years after the first one

Dr Nujoma plants second tree in Lüderitz, 27 years after the first one

Founding President, Dr Sam Nujoma last week planted another tree at the NovaNam’s factory in Lüderitz to join the first one which he planted there during a visit in 1995. The new tree is named Seafront. The former president dedicated it to the future of Lüderitz, highlighting the coastal town’s special, symbiotic relationship with NovaNam.

Former President Nujoma also visited the company’s people who work in the factory. Here he was given a very warm and heartfelt welcome. He then commended the company’s continued investment in technology and innovation in its pursuit of value addition and its decision to acquire three new deepsea fishing trawlers over the next three years.

Dr Nujoma’s visit served to familiarise him with the progress of the company since its inception in 1990 at Namibian Independence.

NovaNam said Dr Nujoma played an instrumental role then to convince Pescanova, now Nueva Pescanova, the Spanish multinational fishing and aquaculture company, to invest in Namibia, specifically in Lüderitz.

In a short address, he made particular reference to the proactive and meaningful steps in NovaNam’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme and the dignified employment it provides to 2200 Namibians. He also mentioned the training, development, empowerment and promotion of staff at all levels of the business, the company’s recently launched bursary programme, and the book about Lüderitz that is sponsored by NovaNam.

The former president then viewed some of the extensive range of value-added products manufactured and exported by NovaNam.

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