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Empowering women through workshops

Empowering women through workshops

The Monica Gender Violence Solutions(MGVS) Organization expressed their gratitude and applause to the women in Katutura, following a workshop at Havana informal settlement at the councillor’s office in Windhoek held in March.

The workshop was carried out as part of the organization’s top priority to empower women on leadership and self equipment to tackle everyday challenges in life, with its theme being ‘Child Protection’. The main discussions of the workshop were centred on the rights of the child and women as well as what the rights entail.

Shaanika Nashilongo, Director of MGVS said that the workshops managed to capture the different views and beliefs of women pertaining to issues related to children and their behaviour.

“I learned and understand now that all children have rights to day anything that is good and I have the right to stop them from doing things that are bad,” said Joana Kafita one of women who participated in the workshop. Hilma Shivute added that she really appreciated the workshops because they opened their minds on issues and changed their lives as well as the community.

“MGVS is motivated to organize more workshops to enrich the great nation of Namibia especially women to be advanced in their social life’s and how to be leaders in their homes and their communities. We will continue with the workshops by having them two Sundays in a month at the Havana Councillors office in Katutura,” said Shaanika

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