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Capricorn Foundation ready to accept food waste solutions

Capricorn Foundation ready to accept food waste solutions

The Food Waste Challenge 2022 which called on innovative solutions from the public to reduce food waste in Namibia was officially launched by the Capricorn Foundation on 13 July.

At the event, more detail and guidance were provided on the nature of the Challenge, the process of applying, judging criteria, and more. The Capricorn Foundation also announced that Namibia Media Holdings (NMH) is their official media partner for the Food Waste Challenge.

“NMH believes that through our network we will connect Namibians and international stakeholders to collaborate and take responsibility for the food insecurity solutions in Namibia. We want to motivate and challenge other media institutions and stakeholders to take up this challenge and be the vehicle for positive change in Namibia. We congratulate the Capricorn Foundation on this remarkable initiative and are committed to telling the stories in whatever form, shape, or size”, said Hennie Geldenhuys, Chief Marketing Officer of Synergi Marketing.

Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation, Marlize Horn, said as a connector of positive change, they seek ideas for reducing food waste in Namibia, because every day there are tons of consumable food being discarded as waste, therefore we acknowledge that there are ongoing efforts to address the country’s insecurity issue.

“We are looking for new possibilities that can tip over pivotal domino on the problem of the food waste chain that can result in exponential benefits and a solution to this problem would not only address the basic need of food security for the most vulnerable people in Namibia, but it can also positively impact our society and improve the quality of life of many Namibians,” added Horn.

Horn further said ultimately, they are seeking solutions that would effectively lead to more food, which would have been wasted otherwise, to reach the vulnerable communities, therefore through this process, they also hope to increase awareness on the issue of food insecurity and the contribution that food waste is adding to this problem.

The Food Waste Challenge is based on an open innovation platform, offering N$100,000 for the winning solution. The Capricorn Foundation seeks ideas in the form of a written proposal for reducing food waste in Namibia that will create new possibilities in addressing the basic need of food security for the most vulnerable people in Namibia and positively impact society to improve the quality of life of many Namibians.

The submission deadline is 12 August and an expert panel of judges representing various sectors of the economy will select the winning solutions. For more information visit


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