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Arandis Primary School receives generous donation from Carbon 12 Mechanicals

Arandis Primary School receives generous donation from Carbon 12 Mechanicals

Arandis Primary School recently received a significant boost with a donation of N$25,000 from Carbon 12, Mechanicals, a local maintenance and projects solutions company.

The announcement was made by the Arandis Town Council, highlighting the collaborative effort to support education in the community.

Councillor Johanna Nampula, responsible for Education within the council, played a pivotal role in securing the funds from Carbon 12.

“The donation comes at a critical time for Arandis Primary School, which has been facing challenges in providing for their learners’ needs, particularly those from vulnerable backgrounds,” they added.

The School’s principal, Monica Goamus expressed gratitude for the timely assistance.

“This donation could not have come at a better time, because this support will make a significant difference in our ability to sustain our feeding program and ensure that our vulnerable learners have access to the resources they need,” she added.

The Councillor said the partnership between Nampula and Carbon 12 serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when public officials and private entities come together for the greater good.

“It highlights the importance of community involvement in education and the positive impact that corporate social responsibility initiatives can have on schools and communities,” they concluded.


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