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You don’t camp on our grass

Demonstrators of the Rally for Democracy and Progress Party consisting mainly of the party’s youth have been evicted three times already. The party announced last week that it will mount a peaceful demonstration and sit-in at the Supreme Court from last week Sunday until the verdict of the 2009 National Assembly election case is delivered. However, the group was ordered to vacate the area in front of the court only minutes after the start of their demonstration. They then moved to the Parliament Gardens where they were also evicted. After being forced to leave their encampment, the group then spent Wednesday night at Shalom Center before they were once again given marching orders. They are currently squatting at Club Pamozi in Luxury Hill (Katutura). The group was captured on Wednesday during one of their prayer sessions at the Parliament Gardens where they formed a large circle and recited the Prayer of the Lord. (Photograph by Lorato Khobetsi)

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