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Katuka shatuka with more mentoring

Scattered through the Katuka Mentorship line-up are Inge Zaamwani-Kamwi (left), the MD of Namdeb and patron of the Katuka Mentorship Programme, Desere Muller (left back), chairperson of the Economist Businesswomen Club, Natasja Beyleveld (back right), 2013 Young Businesswoman of the Year, and Oiva Angula (far right), Telecom Namibia’s Senior Manager of Corporate Communications and Public Relations.
The mentors and mentees of this year’s Katuka Mentorship Programme came together on Wednesday evening to celebrate another year of career building. 24 participants were honoured with certificates to mark the completion of their participation in the mentoring programme.
The Katuka Mentorship Programme was launched in 2001 by the late Lena Markus, a former Namibian Businesswoman of the Year. It aims to empower and encourage entrepreneurs, as well business and professional women to achieve success in their careers through mentorship by seasoned, more experienced women. It has been running for 13 years.

The programme has yielded many positive results and has given mentees the courage to venture into their own enterprises and expand their business networks. To date 263 entrepreneurs and businesswomen have completed the programme. For 2015, another 27 mentors and mentees have registered, due to start their orientation training, conducted by HR specialist Sabine Rügg, in February 2015.
Katuka is sponsored by Telecom Namibia. (Photograph by Melba Chipepo)

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