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San need more warm blankets

Willem de Wet of Tsumkwe Country Lodge (middle) has made an urgent plea to the business community to assist the Bushmen in and around Tsumkwe with food, baby bottles, clothing, blankets and matresses. First to the rescue is Africa Online who donated a large amount of food during June. Yrika Mouton and Tendani Apulile of Africa Online presented de Wet with this large donation two weeks ago. De Wet said they have had a harsh winter at Tsumkwe which exposes the Bushmen to the elements. Without even the most basic of life’s necessities, the Bushmen suffer when it is very cold. It impairs their ability to collect food and it restricts their movement. Many Bushmen that have settled at Tsumkwe are in need of support. This prompted the Tsumkwe Country Lodge manager, Elaine to start a child care centre at the Tsumkwe Craft Center to provide food, clothing and other necessities to the San children. Tsumkwe Country Lodge is now looking for donations to build a care facility on land availed by the tribal chief.

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